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Please read all of the "Reporting Guidelines".  These guidelines are designed to help generate better entries which increases the likelihood of changes being made.

After you have read the "Reporting Guidelines", you can proceed to the bottom of the page for detailed instructions on accessing our bug/enhancement tracker and detailed steps on entering your requests into the tracker.
Reporting Guidelines
  1. Before submitting a bug/enhancement request please use the search page to see if the bug/enhancement has already been reported.  If so, please register a vote for the issue instead of entering a duplicate issue.
  2. If you are reporting a bug:
    1. Please come up with a list of steps to reproduce the bug.  This may be very hard, but it is extremely vital.  Before any developer can attempt to fix your bug, they will need a list of reproduction steps.  It is much easier for all parties, if the reporter can provide a list of reproduction steps.  These steps should be entered into the Description field.
    2. Please determine the severity of your bug, using the following table:



      Show Stopper

      Prevents accomplishment of a critical task impacting a key operation of the system, jeopardizes security requirements or causes rework (usually caused by a catastrophic system failure in a normal operational mode or sequence) or involves unprofessional practices revealed in the work product


      Adversely affects the accomplishments of a critical task or causes non-significant rework (usually caused by a system failure in a non-typical operational mode or sequence); no work-around is known


      Adversely affects the accomplishment of a critical task; a work-around is known


      Acts as an inconvenience/annoyance; does not affect the accomplishment of a critical task


      Consists of a cosmetic mistake (for example, typos)

      It is important that you select the proper severity. This helps everyone understand the impact of the bug. Severity should NOT be confused with priority. If you report a bug with a "Minor" severity, but would like to see it fixed sooner than another bug, the following actions are recommended. You can "vote" on the issue to register your interest in the bug. Or better yet, you can contribute a patch to the community that fixes the bug.
  3. If you are putting in an enhancement request:
    1. Please try to describe what enhancement you would like to see implemented. It is important to describe the end result you desire (i.e. the what) and not necessarily the method (i.e. the how). This helps everyone involved to see that multiple people want the same end result and then everyone can work together to come up with a common method (i.e. the how).
Entering Bug or Enhancement
  1. Go to the "Create Issue" tab found at the top of the bug/enhancement tracking toolPlease note that you will need to login before you can access the "Create Issue" tab.  See the "Creating Account" section in the upper-right corner of this page for details on creating an account.
  2. Select "Opticks" as the "Project:" you are creating a bug/enhancement for.
  3. Select "Bug" or "Enhancement" for the "Issue Type" depending on what you are reporting.  See below for more details.
    1. Select "Bug" if you are describing a problem that you encountering while using the software. Select "Enhancement" if you desire a new capability be added to the software.
  4. Click the "Next>>" button to continue filling out your request.
  5. Fill-in the remaining fields and then click the "Create" button.
  6. Your issue has now been created, but is only visible to you (i.e. the reporter) and the Tech Lead of the Opticks project. The Tech Lead will review the issue and ensure that the content of the issue is suitable for the Opticks open-source community. If the Tech Lead has any concerns about the content of the issue, he/she will contact you via your provided Jira contact information to resolve any concerns. The issue will have a status of "Awaiting Triage" during this process, so once the status has changed to something other than "Awaiting Triage" the entire open-source community will be able to see your issue. This process is in place to ensure that all issues reference material available to the entire Opticks opens-source community.
Creating Account

An account is NOT required to view or query existing bugs/enhancements.

  1. Go to Sign-up page of the Opticks bug/enhancement tracker.
  2. Enter your desired username, password and e-mail address. It's vital you provide an e-mail address so that Opticks developers can contact you with questions when trying to fix the bug.
  3. You now have a bug tracking account.  With this account, you can create your own bug and enhancement requests.  You can also vote on issues to increase the likelihood they are fixed.  You can also subscribe to issues to be notified when their status changes.
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