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Newer Version Available

You are downloading an old version of Opticks. You might want to download a newer version by visiting the Opticks download page.


Sample Data

Now that Opticks is downloading, you could probably use some sample data so that you can really experiment with Opticks.


You should definitely browse the extensions that are available for Opticks. You might find some additional capability that you can't live without.

Creating Your Own Extensions

Don't forget you can also create your own extensions, check out Opticks Extension Development for more details.

HOWTOs for common tasks

This page contains some short tutorials and HOWTOs for some common tasks. These are in addition to the tutorials contained in the end user documentation which can be found in the Help menu in the Opticks application window.

Commercial Support

If you are looking to deploy Opticks to your organization for your image analysis and remote sensing needs or you just want some help building extensions, you should check out our commercial support options. Our commercial partners can provide installation support, training, end-user support, custom extension development, or custom code modifications directly to Opticks.


If you have questions or problems, don't forget to use our e-mail lists or real-time chat for help.

Connect with the Community

Now that you've download Opticks, don't forget to connect with the rest of the Opticks community. There are a variety of ways to:


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