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Supported Data

Opticks supports loading the following types of data and file formats:

  • Imagery
    • NITF, GeoTIFF, JPEG2000, ENVI
    • Raw formatted files, HDF5, Hyperion, DTED
  • Features and Annotations
    • Shapefiles (.shp and from ArcSDE), CGM
  • Other
    • AOI/ROIs, ENVI Spectral Library, ASPAM/PAR, Annotations, Color Maps/Tables
  • Your data not listed?

High Performance

  • Load large imagery (>16 GB).
  • You can pick if the data is loaded entirely into RAM or processed iteratively off the disk based upon your needs.
  • We don't re-format your data unless required by an algorithm. If your data was taken from a hyper-spectral sensor and you are running a hyper-spectral algorithm, you won't lose any performance because we don't re-format the data. Other applications insist on converting the data into a single format and penalizing algorithms that don't process data that way.

Easy to Load Data

  • Load data using a standard file open dialog. Just click on the file in the file open dialog and click on the "Open" button. You can click as many files as you want. Both imagery and features can be loaded from this dialog.
  • Drag and drop file(s) directly onto the application to load them.
  • View a preview of the image directly from the file open dialog.
  • If a file contains multiple images, you can select which images to load.
  • You can view metadata from the image without loading the image.

  • None