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Why Should I Get Involved?

Opticks is an free and open source application. The best part of any open source project is the community, so why not join in? There are a variety of ways to get involved.

I'm a Scientist/Analyst/End-user, How Can I Get Involved?

Step 1: Connect

First, you have to connect to the Opticks community and here's how:

  • Download the software, that's a good start.
  • Have a question?
  • Report any bugs you run across
  • Is Opticks missing something? Tell us about it and put in a new feature request.
  • Follow the latest developments
    • Subscribe to the latest announcements using any RSS or Feed Reader, here is our Feed
    • Or have the latest announcements e-mailed to you
    • Come back and check out the Roadmap to see the future direction of Opticks.
  • Follow the rest of the community
    • Subscribe to the latest Opticks related blogs using any RSS or Feed Reader, here is our Feed
    • Or have the latest blog postings e-mailed to you
Step 2: Collaborate

Now that you've connected, you can help grow and support the opticks community, here's how:

  • Answer questions. It's one of the easiest ways to give back and one of the very best ways.
  • Tell your friends
    • If you have a blog or start a blog, let us know and we can add your blog to the Opticks Spectrum, a collection of Opticks community blogs. If you want your blog added, please contact Thomas Fordon
  • Help anyway you can
    • Have some sample data? Why not donate it to the community?
    • Have some free time? Why not test the release candidates and let us know what problems you find?
    • Know how to write documentation? Why not help improve the documentation and make it even better for the next new user?

I'm a Programmer, How Can I Get Involved?

  • First, check out the above section for ways to get involved. It's a great list of ways to get involved that applies to everyone.
  • Write an extension. Check out the Opticks Extension Development for more details on writing an extension.
  • Fix an open bug or implement a new feature request. Check out Opticks Development for more details.
  • None