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This is where development on the Opticks application takes place. If you just want to download and use Opticks, you'll want to make your way back to the Opticks Home Page. If you want to write extensions for Opticks, you'll want to head to Opticks Extension Development.

Source Code

The Opticks source code is stored in Subversion.

Here are the Subversion options you need:

We maintain a separate trunk for each second digit Opticks release as well as a trunk marked future for the next anticipated binary incompatible release.

The trunk layout for the extras repository is similar to the Opticks repository.

If you don't have a Subversion client, you can use browse the Opticks repository on-line or Opticks Extras repository on-line using just your web browser.

Git mirrors of the Opticks and Extras repositories are available on github. Information in the mirrors can be found here .

Build Instructions

The Solaris and Windows build instructions are actually stored along with the code. Once you check out the Opticks Trunk, please read README.Solaris or README.Windows as appropriate. These instructions also mention the compilers that you will need to compile Opticks.

On Windows, the Visual Studio compiler is used. On Solaris, the Sun Studio compiler suite is used. On Solaris, we use a tool called scons instead of using make and Makefiles.

Staying in the Loop

For information on staying up-to-date with the latest code changes, see Monitoring Code Development.

Submitting a Patch

Do you have some code you want to submit? Mention it either on the developer mailing list or the IRC chat and one of the committers will help you out.

Other Useful Files

You can find other useful utilities and files related to the project in either downloads or utilities.

Other Development Resources
  • None