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The real power of Opticks comes in the form of extensions. This is the place to learn how to create Opticks extensions.

Why Should I Write Extensions For Opticks?
  • It's free and open-source.
    • LGPL v2.1 license. This license allows any extensions that you write to be placed under your own license, be it a commercial or open-source.
    • The Opticks application and the SDK are free and open source. The LGPL v2.1 license always guarantees that. You don't have to worry about someone taking away the source code.
    • You can build your capability and deploy it to your users without every having to pay a dime. Not a dime for the SDK. Not a dime to deploy it your end users. Try that with competing tools like: ENVI, Remote View, ERDAS Imagine, SOCET GXP.
    • You can focus on what you do best. You no longer need to spend all your time re-inventing basic visualization capabilities.
    • You can modify Opticks. If Opticks isn't doing something you need, you can submit a patch and make it. Try that with competing tools.
  • We eat our own dogfood.
    • Most of the native functionality provided in Opticks is built as extensions using the same public API you'll be using.
    • Over 150 extensions included in the core software that are using the same public API you'll be using.
  • Access to the full source code.
    • Access to the Opticks source code isn't necessary to start building your own plug-ins. However, the source code is available if you want to extend the core capability or need help understanding Opticks. The source code is available.
What Can Extensions Do?
  • Import new file formats
  • Export data into new file formats
  • Implement new algorithms
  • Add new data types
  • Define new ways to georeference your data
  • Add new mouse modes and keyboard shortcuts
  • Add new toolbars and right-click menus
  • Add new windows, both to visualize existing data in new ways or entirely new data types.
  • Add new drag and drop behavior
  • Add new wizard items
  • Add scripting capability in your favorite programming language.

Browse the existing extensions listing to see the power available to extensions.

How Do I Start Making One?

Have you started working on creating an extension and you've run into problems? You can get answers and helpful guidance in the following places:

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