File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
AlgorithmDialog.h [code]
AlgorithmPattern.h [code]
AlgorithmShell.h [code]
Animation.h [code]
AnimationController.h [code]
AnimationFrame.h [code]
AnimationFrameSpinBox.h [code]
AnimationFrameSubsetWidget.h [code]
AnimationServices.h [code]
AnimationToolBar.h [code]
AnnotationElement.h [code]
AnnotationLayer.h [code]
Any.h [code]
AnyData.h [code]
AoiElement.h [code]
AoiLayer.h [code]
AoiToolBar.h [code]
ApiUtilities.h [code]This file contains general API utilities which don't fit well into another category
AppAssert.h [code]
AppConfig.h [code]
ApplicationServices.h [code]
AppVerify.h [code]Macros which perform verification with logging
ArcObject.h [code]
Arrow.h [code]
ArrowObject.h [code]
AttachmentPtr.h [code]
Axis.h [code]
BitMask.h [code]
BitMaskIterator.h [code]
BitMaskObject.h [code]
Blob.h [code]
CachedPage.h [code]
CachedPager.h [code]
CartesianGridlines.h [code]
CartesianPlot.h [code]
CgmObject.h [code]
Classification.h [code]
ClassificationLayer.h [code]
ClassificationWidget.h [code]
ColorMap.h [code]
ColorType.h [code]
ComplexData.h [code]
ConfigurationSettings.h [code]
ContextMenu.h [code]
ContextMenuAction.h [code]
ContextMenuActions.h [code]
Curve.h [code]
CurveCollection.h [code]
CustomColorButton.h [code]
CustomLayer.h [code]
CustomTreeWidget.h [code]
DataAccessor.h [code]
DataAccessorImpl.h [code]
DataDescriptor.h [code]
DataElement.h [code]
DataElementGroup.h [code]
DataRequest.h [code]
DataVariant.h [code]
DataVariantAnyData.h [code]
DataVariantFactory.h [code]
DataVariantValidator.h [code]
DateTime.h [code]
DesktopServices.h [code]
DimensionDescriptor.h [code]
DimensionObject.h [code]
DockWindow.h [code]
DockWindowShell.h [code]
DrawObject.h [code]
DynamicModule.h [code]
DynamicObject.h [code]
DynamicTypes.h [code]This file contains functions and type definitions for accessing Opticks dynamic types
EastArrowObject.h [code]
ElidedButton.h [code]
ElidedLabel.h [code]
EllipseObject.h [code]
Endian.h [code]
EnumWrapper.h [code]
Executable.h [code]
ExecutableAgent.h [code]
ExecutableShell.h [code]
ExportAgent.h [code]
Exporter.h [code]
ExporterShell.h [code]
External.h [code]
FileBrowser.h [code]
FileDescriptor.h [code]
FileFinder.h [code]
FileImageObject.h [code]
Filename.h [code]
FileResource.h [code]
Font.h [code]
FontSizeComboBox.h [code]
FrameLabelObject.h [code]
GcpLayer.h [code]
GcpList.h [code]
GeocoordTypeComboBox.h [code]
GeographicData.h [code]This file contains functions and type definitions for accessing geographic (GCP) and tie point data
GeoPoint.h [code]
Georeference.h [code]
GeoreferenceShell.h [code]
GlContextSave.h [code]
GlTextureResource.h [code]
GpuProgramDescriptor.h [code]
GraphicElement.h [code]
GraphicGroup.h [code]
GraphicLayer.h [code]
GraphicObject.h [code]
GraphicTextWidget.h [code]
Gridlines.h [code]
Hdf4Attribute.h [code]
Hdf4Dataset.h [code]
Hdf4Element.h [code]
Hdf4File.h [code]
Hdf4Group.h [code]
Hdf4ImporterShell.h [code]
Hdf4Pager.h [code]
Hdf4Utilities.h [code]
Hdf5Attribute.h [code]
Hdf5CustomReader.h [code]
Hdf5CustomWriter.h [code]
Hdf5Data.h [code]
Hdf5Dataset.h [code]
Hdf5Element.h [code]
Hdf5File.h [code]
Hdf5Group.h [code]
Hdf5ImporterShell.h [code]
Hdf5IncrementalReader.h [code]
Hdf5IncrementalWriter.h [code]
Hdf5Node.h [code]
Hdf5Pager.h [code]
Hdf5PagerFileHandle.h [code]
Hdf5Resource.h [code]
Hdf5Utilities.h [code]
HdfImporterShell.h [code]
HdfPager.h [code]
HdfUtilities.h [code]
Histogram.h [code]
HistogramPlot.h [code]
HistogramWindow.h [code]
ImageFilterDescriptor.h [code]
ImageHandler.h [code]
ImportAgent.h [code]
ImportDescriptor.h [code]
Importer.h [code]
ImporterShell.h [code]
Int64.h [code]
Interpreter.h [code]
InterpreterManager.h [code]
InterpreterManagerShell.h [code]
InterpreterUtilities.h [code]
IntValidator.h [code]
LabeledSection.h [code]
LabeledSectionGroup.h [code]
LatLonInsertObject.h [code]
LatLonLayer.h [code]
LatLonLineEdit.h [code]
Layer.h [code]
LayerList.h [code]
LineObject.h [code]
Location.h [code]
LocationType.h [code]
Locator.h [code]
MatrixFunctions.h [code]
MeasurementLayer.h [code]
MenuBar.h [code]
MessageLog.h [code]
MessageLogMgr.h [code]
MessageLogResource.h [code]
Metadata.h [code]This file contains functions and type definitions for manipulating DataElement metadata
ModelServices.h [code]
Modifier.h [code]
Module.h [code]
ModuleManager.h [code]
MouseMode.h [code]
MuHttpServer.h [code]
MultipointObject.h [code]
MultiThreadedAlgorithm.h [code]
MutuallyExclusiveListWidget.h [code]
NitfChipConverter.h [code]
NitfConstants.h [code]
NitfDesSubheader.h [code]
NitfFileHeader.h [code]
NitfHeader.h [code]
NitfImageSubheader.h [code]
NitfImporterShell.h [code]
NitfMetadataParsing.h [code]
NitfProperties.h [code]
NitfPropertiesQWidgetWrapper.h [code]
NitfResource.h [code]
NitfTreParser.h [code]
NitfTreParserShell.h [code]
NitfUtilities.h [code]
NorthArrowObject.h [code]
ObjectFactory.h [code]
ObjectResource.h [code]
Observer.h [code]
OpticksVersion.h [code]
Option.h [code]
OptionQWidgetWrapper.h [code]
OptionShell.h [code]
OrthographicView.h [code]
PageCache.h [code]
PerspectiveView.h [code]
PlotGroup.h [code]
PlotObject.h [code]
PlotSet.h [code]
PlotSetGroup.h [code]
PlotView.h [code]
PlotWidget.h [code]
PlugIn.h [code]
PlugInArg.h [code]
PlugInArgList.h [code]
PlugInCallback.h [code]
PlugInDescriptor.h [code]
PlugInManagerServices.h [code]
PlugInRegistration.h [code]
PlugInResource.h [code]
PlugInShell.h [code]
Point.h [code]
PointSet.h [code]
PolarGridlines.h [code]
PolarPlot.h [code]
PolygonObject.h [code]
PolygonPlotObject.h [code]
PolylineObject.h [code]
ProductView.h [code]
ProductWindow.h [code]
Progress.h [code]
ProgressResource.h [code]
ProgressTracker.h [code]
Properties.h [code]
PropertiesQWidgetWrapper.h [code]
PropertiesShell.h [code]
PseudocolorLayer.h [code]
RasterData.h [code]This file contains API utilities for accessing raster data
RasterDataDescriptor.h [code]
RasterElement.h [code]
RasterElementImporterShell.h [code]
RasterFileDescriptor.h [code]
RasterLayer.h [code]
RasterPage.h [code]
RasterPager.h [code]
RasterPagerShell.h [code]
RasterUtilities.h [code]
RawImageObject.h [code]
RectangleObject.h [code]
RegionObject.h [code]
Resampler.h [code]
Resource.h [code]
RoundedRectangleObject.h [code]
SafePtr.h [code]
SafeSlot.h [code]
ScaleBarObject.h [code]
Serializable.h [code]
Service.h [code]
SessionExplorer.h [code]
SessionItem.h [code]
SessionItemDeserializer.h [code]
SessionItemSerializer.h [code]
SessionManager.h [code]
SessionResource.h [code]
SettableSessionItem.h [code]
SignalBlocker.h [code]
Signature.h [code]
SignatureDataDescriptor.h [code]
SignatureFileDescriptor.h [code]
SignatureLibrary.h [code]
SignaturePlot.h [code]
SignaturePropertiesDlg.h [code]
SignatureSelector.h [code]
SignatureSet.h [code]
SimpleAnimation.h [code]This file contains API utilities for controlling animations
SimpleAoi.h [code]This file contains API utilities for accessing AOI data as a bitmask
SimpleApiErrors.h [code]Error reporting for the simple API
SimpleExecution.h [code]This file contains functions and type definitions for executing plugins and wizards
SimpleSignature.h [code]This file contains API utilities for accessing signatures
SimpleViews.h [code]This file contains API utilities for accessing views and layers
Slot.h [code]
SpatialDataView.h [code]
SpatialDataWindow.h [code]
SpecialMetadata.h [code]
Statistics.h [code]
StringUtilities.h [code]
StringUtilitiesMacros.h [code]
Subject.h [code]
SubjectAdapter.h [code]
SubjectImp.h [code]
SuppressibleMsgDlg.h [code]
switchOnEncoding.h [code]
Testable.h [code]
TestUtilities.h [code]
Text.h [code]
TextObject.h [code]
ThresholdLayer.h [code]
TiePointLayer.h [code]
TiePointList.h [code]
TimeUtilities.h [code]
ToolBar.h [code]
TrailObject.h [code]
TriangleObject.h [code]
TypeAwareObject.h [code]
TypeConverter.h [code]
TypesFile.h [code]
UInt64.h [code]
Undo.h [code]
UndoAction.h [code]
Units.h [code]
UtilityServices.h [code]
View.h [code]
ViewerShell.h [code]
ViewObject.h [code]
ViewWindow.h [code]
Wavelengths.h [code]
WavelengthUnitsComboBox.h [code]
WidgetImageObject.h [code]
Window.h [code]
WizardItem.h [code]
WizardNode.h [code]
WizardObject.h [code]
WizardShell.h [code]
WorkspaceWindow.h [code]
XercesIncludes.h [code]
xmlbase.h [code]XML utilities and functionality common to reading and writing
xmlreader.h [code]XML utilities and functionality for reading and parsing
xmlwriter.h [code]XML utilities and functionality for writing/generating a DOM

Software Development Kit - Opticks 4.9.1 Build 16498