Plug-In Development Tutorial

If you are new to Opticks plug-in development, this tutorial is a good place to start.

The following tutorials assume you have some C++ knowledge including a basic understanding of virtual functions. If you have some Opticks plug-in development experience, try either Getting Started, Overviews and HOWTOs or the Class documentation.

The Opticks SDK contains the tutorial plug-ins that are referenced in this Tutorial. You can download the Opticks SDK from the Downloads page of the website.

The Opticks Tutorial

These tutorials provide a quick, focused, and guided introduction to plug-in development. You can compile and run these plug-ins as you work through the tutorial. Please see Building and Running Tutorial plug-ins for more details.

Start with the first tutorial and work your way through as each successive tutorial builds on the previous one.

Software Development Kit - Opticks 4.9.1 Build 16498