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Looking for extra capability for Opticks? You are in the right place. You can browse the list of all available extensions below.

All Extensions

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Extensions must be build for a specific major version of Opticks. For example, extensions built for Opticks 4.2.X cannot be installed and used with Opticks 4.3.X and vice-versa. If you are looking for extensions for a specific major version of Opticks, you can consult the following version specific lists of extensions.

How To Install an Extension

Read How To Install an Extension for details on how to install extensions into Opticks after you've downloaded them.

Create Your Own Extension

  • To learn how to create an extension and to downlaod the SDK, head over to opticksSDK.
  • Once you've created your extension, learn How To List Your Extension so that it will show up here.


titleCommercial Support

If you are looking for capability that isn't available as an extension, you can always browse our commercial support options to pay to get an extension built.